How To Maintain A Long Electric Wheelchair Battery Life

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Wheelchair batteries are expensive and purchasing a new battery can be a pain, so naturally you'll want to extend the life of your electric wheelchair battery for as long as you can. These tips will help you maintain your electric wheelchair's batteries.

Don't Let the Battery Discharge All the Way

Allowing your battery to run down 100% will result in a shorter battery life—by a huge margin! If you allow your wheelchair battery to run down all the way, you can expect to get only 25% to 33% of normal use out of that battery before it dies.

When Should You Charge Your Battery?

Charge batteries that have been in use every evening until the battery is fully charged.

Don't Overcharge Your Battery

Overcharging your battery means leaving it plugged in for longer than necessary while charging. The amount of time it takes to charge your battery should be indicated on the owner's manual that came with the battery. Note that it may take your battery longer to charge when it's newer, so you may have to adjust the amount of time you allow the battery to charge as it ages.

Note that some modern chargers are "smart" chargers, which means they are voltage limited and will shut off automatically after a time. These smart chargers will prevent you from overcharging your batteries.

Keep Batteries in Storage Fully Charged

If a battery for your electric wheelchair has been left in storage, it will start to lose charge over time. Test your battery every few weeks and charge it when necessary.

Disconnect Batteries From Chairs Not In Use

If you plan to go away on a trip and won't be bringing your electric wheelchair with you, charge the battery fully and then disconnect the battery from the chair. After a few weeks the battery will start to lose charge, so recharge the battery before using it if you're gone for more than a few weeks.

Store Batteries in a Cool Place

Batteries that are placed into storage should be put in a cool location rather than a warm one. Warm weather can speed the deterioration of the battery, while cool weather can slow the process.

For more information about how you can maintain batteries for electric wheelchairs, talk to a knowledgeable and reputable wheelchair dealer. He or she can discuss with you your options and can help you extend the life of your wheelchair batteries.