Ensuring Valuable Medical Equipment Is Delivered Safely

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Hospitals, laboratories, clinics, and private practices all require the use of expensive medical equipment. Everything ranging from CT scanners and x-ray machines to lasers and surgical laboratory equipment must be used to provide high-quality healthcare to patients. This equipment is often shipped and delivered from the manufacturer directly to the healthcare facility with commercial equipment delivery, so it's important that it arrives safely and free of damage. Here's how delivery services should handle this valuable equipment to make sure it gets to its destination without harm.

Custom Packaging

Because of the sensitive nature of medical equipment, it's essential it gets packed properly to avoid shock, moisture damage, or any abrasions during the shipping process. Custom crates can be designed to hold the equipment snugly and fit the exact shape of the equipment to avoid it from being bumped or jostled in transit. Cushioning and bracing can be added for extra support, and the equipment should be wrapped in special blankets to help protect it from bouncing on trucks and airplanes. Corrugated boxes can also be used to give equipment added barriers between itself and the walls of transport vehicles. 

White Glove Service

A quality medical equipment delivery service can accommodate healthcare facilities who need door-to-door delivery and expedited delivery times. With white glove services, transportation companies can assist in the disassembly and reassembly of medical equipment before packing and then during delivery. They are able to set up medical equipment right on site to avoid downtime and help keep health care procedures as scheduled. This can even include setting up items like medical exam tables, hospital beds, storage cabinets, and medication or IV dispensing machines. White glove services will also remove and dispose of all packing materials and clean up the area after unpacking.

Other Benefits

When it comes to medical equipment delivery, it's important to choose a company that specializes in these kinds of logistics. Employees are trained to specifically take apart and set up medical-related items in a healthcare setting. The benefits include faster delivery and set up times, better efficiency, and a more streamlined process to get everything needed in its place in a timely manner. Whether it is a local clinic that is preparing for a grand opening, a hospital under remodel that wants to implement new equipment, or a nursing home in need of new beds, medical equipment delivery services can provide the skills and experience needed to get everything delivered safely and quickly.