Starting Up A Medical Supply Business And Selling EKG Machines? Three Places That Might Buy Them

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When you first start out as a sales agent for new and used medical equipment, you may find that you need a lot of self-discipline, especially if you have to generate your own leads. There are, however, some places that are just automatic sales pitch opportunities. Even if you are offering used EKG machines for sale, the following three opportunities to sell this equipment are sales leads that only require an appointment to meet with a big-wig or purchasing agent.  

Rural Clinics

Clinics that operate many miles away from the nearest hospital are definitely one sales opportunity you should not overlook. These clinics want to offer better equipment and care to the patients they have and even the people that are just passing through, but often they are stuck calling companies to arrange for sales agents to visit. You could be the one that takes initiative and calls them instead. While these clinics may or may not be able to afford brand-new equipment, they might be able to afford and may be interested in whatever used equipment you have for sale (such as those from Stetco-Medical), including PT/CAT scanners and EKG machines.

Government-Sponsored or Government-Subsidized Low Income Clinics

These clinics are also frequently overlooked simply because some major manufacturers of medical equipment do not think that these clinics could use or afford the equipment. The truth is because these clinics are subsidized or sponsored by the government they have a better likelihood of buying used and/or new medical equipment because the government helps pay for it. Quality healthcare is provided for low income and restricted income individuals and families because of these clinics and because of the government's backing, so by all means, be sure to check with them regarding any medical equipment needs they might have.

Educational and Medical Training Facilities

While many doctors and nurses might complete their internships in standard hospitals, there are still several educational and medical training facilities where doctors and nurses first get started on their careers. These facilities require real equipment for training purposes, and they need to buy new equipment whenever it becomes available. These facilities would be a very good source of sales leads, as well as a source for finding used equipment that other clinics and facilities have requested or needed. They could actually be both a source of sales and a source for equipment that can be bought and repurposed. Find and visit these training facilities in your area.