A Useful Guide For Choosing A Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece

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Sleep apnea is characterized by breathing interruptions. It can drastically affect sleep and can even be very harmful to one's health in some cases. If you have this condition, it might be a good idea to invest in a sleep apnea oral appliance. Buying one for uninterrupted breathing can be easy, thanks to this guide. 

Look For Custom Teeth Impression Design

A mouthpiece can help open up your airways when you are sleeping, but you still want it to be comfortable to wear. Otherwise, you may experience a lot of stress and discomfort when it comes time to sleep. You'll have no trouble getting a comfortable fit with this mouthguard when it has a custom teeth impression design. 

You can put the mold portion of the mouthpiece in hot water and then place your teeth in it. That will create impressions for your teeth to fit perfectly each time this mouthpiece for sleep apnea is worn.

Ensure There are Scientific Studies Supporting Effectiveness and Claims

You shouldn't waste money on a sleep apnea mouthpiece that doesn't work. To avoid these mouthpieces, make sure you only consider options that have scientific studies that support sleep apnea treatment. 

The manufacturer that made the mouthpiece should have conducted plenty of tests showing that their mouthpiece's design truly works at combating symptoms associated with sleep apnea. If these tests are thorough and credible, then you can feel confident in the results you'll get when using their mouthpiece every night.

Make Sure Jaw Position Can Adjust

You may have a different severity of snoring when sleeping, compared to someone else that will need to rely on a sleep apnea mouthpiece. As such, it's important that this device has a jaw position that can adjust.

You'll then be able to get optimal results because you can adjust the jaw position based on your unique snoring behavior. The greater the snoring, the more you'll need to open up your airways by significantly adjusting the jaw position.

And if your snoring behavior changes, a mouthpiece with an adjustable jaw position saves you from having to get another oral device.

If you're tired of dealing with sleep apnea and maybe aren't quite ready to invest in a CPAP machine, then mouthpieces are still a great option worth considering. You just need to find an oral device that has shown to work and comes with the right features that aid in function and comfort.